Welcome to the CUAHSI Domain Subsetter!

The purpose of this application is to introduce a collaborative effort for preparing, publishing, and sharing subsets of the National Water Model input data at watershed scales. With a combination of modern cyberinfrastructure techniques and state-of-the-science modeling tools, researchers will have access to subsets of National Water Model information that would otherwise require extensive computational resources. This work will provide the foundation onto which similar efforts can be applied to other large-scale model simulations and input data.

National Water Model

The National Water Model is a hydrologic modeling framework that simulates observed and forecast streamflow over the entire continental United States. It's a special configuration of the WRF-Hydro open-source community model maintained by the National Center for Atmospheric Research.


ParFlow is a parallel, integrated hydrology model that simulates spatially distributed surface and subsurface flow, as well as land surface processes including evapotranspiration and snow. PF-CONUS (version 1) is an implementation of this model for a large portion of the US.