This page offers additional resources that users may find helpful when using the CUAHSI Domain Subsetter for both NWM/WRF-Hydro and ParFlow-CONUS.

National Water Model

General Resources

It should be noted that we do not fully outline how to set up a WRF-Hydro model here and this page intended to give only general advice on the build process in reference to using WRF-Hydro with the CUAHSI NWM subsetting tool. WRF-Hydro is extensively documented by the development team at NCAR and you should refer to the WRF-Hydro Modeling System website and the links below for general WRF-Hydro information. For additional user support, please contact .

Basic Model Set-Up (i.e. How to use your subsetted domain):
  1. Reference the following documents:
  2. Obtain the source code for the latest WRF-Hydro release

  3. Set the required environmental variables for your machine/environment.

  4. Configure

  5. Compile with nudging turned off

The CUAHSI Domain Subsetting Tool: NWM v1.2 does not currently support subsetting of Nudging files. As such, the model must be compiled using the NoahMP land surface model (LSM) with NUDGING TURNED OFF in the script (export WRF_HYDRO_NUDGING=0).

General Resources

ParFlow CONUS:


ParFlow coupled to CLM

Code Download

ParFlow is available on GitHub, including the newest and older versions. At the time of writing this documentation, the latest stable release is v3.6.0 (2019-09-01), which also contains many test cases including data to get started.

Running ParFlow

Both VisIt and ParaView support visualization of ParFlow output files 


NLDAS-2 Meteorological Forcing

The North American Land Data Assimilation System is a quality-controlled, spatially and temporally consistent meteorological dataset with many uses. It is one product that can be used to force subsetted NWM and PF-CONUS domains, after it has been regridded to the model domain. For NWM, [regridding tools] ( are available on the WRF-Hydro website.

Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC)

Find HUC of interest using the USGS Science in Your Watershed website

NHDPlus High Resolution

The NHDPlus catchments and vector stream network are used directly in the NWM, as well as to inform development of a new PF-CONUS domain that extends to the coastlines (still to be released).


CUAHSI Subsetting Tool questions
Contact Tony Castronova or Danielle Tijerina

WRF-Hydro specific questions
Visit the WRF-Hydro Support Page and contact for questions specifically about the National Water Model.

ParFlow specific questions
Consult the ParFlow blog, [ParFlow user's manual] (, or report problems to the mailing list or ParFlow Github issue tracker.